MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) shares decline by 4.10%

Boston, MA, 08/06/2013 (nysepost) – MannKind Corp. of Valencia publicized on July 1 that it has entered into a protected financing with associates of Deerfield Management Company L.P., who have dedicated to purchase up to $160 million in senior secured notes. The notes will accumulate interest at a rate of 9.75% per annum until maturity in the year 2019. A part of the principal amount of the loan facility may be exchangeable into stocks of MannKind’s common stocks at the Deerfield’s option after a specified period following the discharge of data from the clinical trials.

The conversion value will be determined by the size weighted average price of the common share during the 20 trading days instantly preceding the conversion date. If the conversion price surpasses $6.67, no more than 6 million stocks may be distributed upon exchange; if the exchange price is less than $3.33, no more than 12 million stocks may be issued upon conversion; and if the conversion price is in the middle of these dollar amounts, no more than $40 million value of common stock may be supplied upon conversion. As part of the deal, Deerfield received from MannKind milestone privileges, which offer for the compensation of up to $90 million upon the event of assured strategic and sales milestones.

The stock had moved on to decrease by 4.10% to close at $7.95 on Monday, after the opening price at $8.29 per share. MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) had throughout the trading session moved between $7.91 and $8.29 per share and presently has 52 week lowest price at $1.82 and 52 week highest price at $8.33 per share. The market cap of the stock is at $2.31 billion with 290.88 million shares outstanding and 18% institutional ownership of capital. The trading volume on Monday was at 9.63 million shares on the stock and the average level is at 6.32 million shares per day.

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