#Condomchallenge: People drop water-filled condoms on their heads in new viral



The goal of this stunt is to get your friends to drop a tied-off condom filled with water on your head, and to get it to stay there.

A new online craze is sweeping the internet – but it’s also sparking safety fears. The concern, of course, is not just the risk of suffocating while in a tub with a condom sucked to your face, but also the possibility of drowning from the water inside the condom. On social media, one young woman reported that she “almost suffocated” while completing the challenge.

This challenge, while humorous, doesn’t seem like the safest viral trend.

If the challenge goes to plan, the condom should snugly wrap around the other person’s head and engulf their face – causing a hilarious “bubble” effect.

Indeed, for the most part, it is rarely a good idea to put a condom over your head.

When supposedly done correctly the condom forms a globe of water around the person’s head and pops when touched. Viral hit… The Condom Challenge has taken off online.

And then there’s the cinnamon challenge. The craze even has its own Twitter account and hashtag – #condomchallenge – and echoes a previous craze from 2013 in which people posted videos of themselves pulling condoms from their noses.

Volker Sydow at Durex said: “Durex believes in happier, healthier sex lives and World AIDS Day is a hugely significant reminder about the importance of safe sex”.

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