Zelda co-creator wants a 'boyish' actress for Link

Legend of Zelda

A Legend of Zelda movie hasn't quite been confirmed yet, but two prominent Nintendo designers have shared their takes on what type of person should play Link.

He reiterates his desire for an unknown actor, saying: "With Japanese TV drama and film they always use the same actors, so I actually think we should have someone completely new".

"I can't think of any", Tezuka replied. (No matter how many nonsense YouTube videos people make to argue the point at me.) Almostevery game in the franchise is about a different Link throughout the convoluted timeline.

Tezuka chimed in to admit that he doesn't have any person in mind, as of the moment. In an MTV video interview, Tezuka said he'd like to see the hero in green played by an actress.

I just personally like the idea of Link being a girl because there's literally no reason the character can't be.


Miyamoto, meanwhile, addressed the possibility of creating big screen titles based on several Nintendo properties. He, however, reiterated, "We are definitely interested and open to it".