Young Broadway star Laurel Griggs dies suddenly aged 13

Andy Griggs Liz Griggs and Laurel Clair Griggs attend an event

Laurel Griggs had an extreme talent for which she had a high reputation. Thirteen-year-old actress Laurel Griggs has passed away on November 5th and a service was held at Riverside Memorial Chapel in New York City on the 8th. "She loved theater and her friends". Griggs said in an Instagram post the day after her appearance in Nanjiani's episode.

The call alarmed her father, Andy Griggs, who admitted that her daughter "would never normally say something like that". "RIP dear Laurel Griggs". The teenager had been living with her parents and had been going to her school regularly.

Some cops performed CPR in the police vehicle while they were rushing Laurel to the Mt. Sinai Hospital.

David Rivlin revealed the news on Facebook. In December 2017, Laurell snapped herself standing outside NBC Studios and captioned it, "Dreams do come true". When he would tell her to relax and assure her that she knew her parts well, he recalls her saying, "Daddy, not many people get a chance like this".

Laurel Griggs is one of the younger Broadway stars who paved her way since she was only six years old.

After making her mark with Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Griggs joined the cast of the musical Once, where she played the role of Ivanka for 17 months, which was longer than any other actress in the Broadway production's history.

She is best known for her role as Ivanka in the Tony Award-winning musical ONCE.

Then in 2016, she appeared in the romantic comedy Café Society alongside Steve Carell, Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart.

A funeral for Griggs was held on November 8 in New York City. "Laurel- you were often smiling and constantly built other men and women chortle".

Lucas Papaelias, another one of Laurel's Once co-stars, paid tribute to the teen on Instagram on Sunday.

It seems that the actress had also done a number of commercials and voice-overs.