Xbox Series Launch ‘Most Successful’ in Company’s History

Xbox Series X

Today Microsoft revealed a few points about the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, on top of the fact that this is the biggest launch of Xbox history, as we already knew. For comparison, Xbox One sold 150,000 in two days in United Kingdom, making the Series X and S most successful launch console in the United Kingdom market.

Sony's new Playstation 5 had already sold out online before it launched in Japan, the US and elsewhere on Thursday (November 12).

Amazon sells the Xbox Series X and the cheaper Series S from this same product page.

Depending on what you are expecting, the Xbox series X may not be the "Next generation leap" you have been looking for.

Surely there are easier ways to freak people out on social media than wasting hundreds of dollars on a new Xbox Series X console and wrecking the device in doing so.

Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN.

Xbox Series X/S will be released worldwide on November 10. Once downloaded, both games are a permanent addition to your library as long as you maintain an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which you must access. Thankfully, Microsoft managed a quick recovery and fixed the login issue for most users in a matter of hours.

If you want to get the latest on the Xbox Series X, there's probably nowhere better than Microsoft's own Xbox Series X home page. Even so, in order to have beaten the previous sales record set by the Xbox One, the XSX must have shipped well in excess of a million units on launch day.

Players enjoyed 3,954 games in total, four generations of titles.

This means that all backwards compatible games will run at the peak performance for which they were originally designed, with higher performance than their original launch platform.

That said, news are pointing towards another number. Where does the Xbox Series S compromise? More so, instead of sales numbers, Microsoft will rather share Xbox Game Pass statistics.