WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji Passes Away

Mr. Fuji

No details have been released surrounding Mr. Fuji's passing, but WWE did share their condolences for his family, friends, and fans.

His career will be remembered by different generations for different reasons but Mr. Fuji, whether as a Superstar or manager, is one of the most entertaining performers in the history of WWE. No word on what the cause of death was at this time.

Fujiwara, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, started his professional career in 1965 in his native Hawaii. He returned in 1981 just as the company was rebranding itself as the World Wrestling Federation. Fuji was a decorated wrestler, having won the WWE World Tag Team Championship on five occasions.

He also managed several former champions during his managerial run from 1985 - 1996, most notably Don Muraco, Demolition and Yokozuna.

His relationship with Muraco especially standing out as the duo treated the fans to the Fuji Vice - a spoof of "Miami Vice", along with Fuji Bandito, Fuji Chan and Fuji General series. Fuji and Tanaka held the titles for nearly a year, and during their second run as champions, they held the gold for almost six months, according to the WWE.

He passed away on Sunday, August 28th, at the age of 82. During this era, Fujiwara became known for his signature move, throwing salt in the eyes of his opponents and earning the nickname "the devious one".