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Woman snaps selfie during terrifying encounter with wild bear

Woman snaps selfie during terrifying encounter with wild bear

Footage showed a woman standing very still as a black bear, perched on its hind legs, approaches and sniffs her.

" We corrupted the bear so much that it no longer has a remedy, reaching a very unsafe point called habituation-like behavior at the point of predation, " said Diana Doan-Crider, coordinator of the group of bear specialists at the International Union for Conservation of nature told Blog Del Regio.

After about a minute of sniffing around and pawing at one of the women's legs, the black bear casually walks away while the three women finally make a run for it.

Despite the heart stopping moment in the park, the women kept their cool when the curious bear approached them from behind on a trail.

A woman was pictured standing incredibly still as the animal was seen circling around her in Nuevo Leon.

The first was captured in the Chipinque Ecological Park near Monterrey, the second in a nearby urban area.

The video is making rounds on social media as the black bear approaches a group of hikers at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

Such an encounter with a wild animal is certainly frightening, but you gotta give it to these hikers who remained calm and let the bear do its thing.

Following the circulation of the video online, the park issued a statement on July 19 to announce that it would take "strict measures" against visitors who put their life and/or wildlife at risk. Although, taking a selfie isn't one of them. The interaction shown in the video should have been avoided. What is indicated is to move away when detecting the presence of the bear and not get closer; however we see that even the person seeks to take a photo.