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Woman dies, 5 injured after crane collapses during Dallas thunderstorm

Officials respond to the scene after a crane collapsed into Elan City Lights apartments in Dallas amid severe thunderstorms Sunday

"There have been reports of multiple injuries, but no confirmed details at this time", Dallas Fire and Rescue said in a statement.

He also said that every resident of an apartment damaged by the crane was either out at the time or was among those taken to hospitals.

Evans said it is too early to say whether there may be more people hurt, killed or missing.

The crane tore through four floors of the apartment building in Dallas' downtown city center district, Dallas Police Department spokesman DeMarquis Black said. The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area until 7pm, warning of heavy rain, damaging gusts and large hail.

Two people are also in critical condition, three in serious condition and one person was already released from the hospital, Dallas Fire-Rescue said.

"We're hoping that what we have at this point is where it ends [in terms of casualties]", said Mr Evans.

Multiple videos of the crane collapse show the crane rocking back and forth before eventually falling.

While the precise cause of the accident was not immediately determined, Evans said there was a "strong possibility that yes, the wind did play some role in the collapse of the crane itself".

Describing when the crane fell, "It just sliced through the building ... like a hot knife through butter".

At least two people have been hospitalized after a crane collapsed on an apartment building in Dallas amid severe thunderstorms.

It seems that the counterweight descended into the upper apartments, while the tower - which failed structurally at the top of the second section - struck the vehicle park, destroying a number of floors, sending cars into the lower levels. It wasn't clear how many floors in the garage collapsed.

The weather service says winds could exceed 110 kilometres per hour.