Winter lifeline as 90-minute checks tell Covid-19 from flu

Reuters Boris Johnson has said he is keen for 500,000 tests to be available every day by October

■ RECOVERED Covid-19 patients are being urged to donate blood plasma to help the NHS cope during any second wave.

People are now tested for coronavirus through swab testing.

"We are delighted to be working with the United Kingdom government to support and empower our communities to effectively manage testing at a national and localised level", added Mr Sanghera.

The DNA "Nudgebox" machines will be rolled out across NHS hospitals in the United Kingdom to analyse DNA in nose swabs, providing a positive or negative result for COVID-19 in 90 minutes, at the point of care.

Chief executive Alan Aubrey said: "The roll-out of LamPORE, the company's first diagnostic assay, is a significant development for Oxford Nanopore and in the battle against Covid-19 in the UK".

Some 5,000 machines, supplied by DnaNudge, will provide 5.8 million tests in the coming months, the government said.

According to Oxford Nanopore, as well as providing a large number of tests for existing labs, the programme will help the United Kingdom to understand the different use cases for the technology, for example the potential asymptomatic screening of frontline staff.

The tests supplied by Oxford Nanopore, will see nearly half a million tests, called LamPORE swab tests made available from next week across adult care settings and laboratories, with millions more due to be rolled out next year.

Professor Chris Toumazou, CEO and co-founder of DnaNudge and founder of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, said: "We are extremely proud to be playing such a pivotal role in supporting the national effort on testing, as this major contract award signifies".

Hospitals and care homes will gain access to new tests which deliver results in 90 minutes and can tell if a patient is suffering from Covid-19 or flu, the Government has said.

Developed by DnaNudge, thousands of machines called Nudgeboxes will be deployed to analyse nose swabs for COVID-19 within 90 minutes.

These new tests are not available to purchase over the counter or online, but you may be tested using one through the Government's Test and Trace scheme.

Most results from current tests that are carried out in-person are only returned the next day, while home kits take longer.

The UK says it will distribute millions of coronavirus tests that can give a result within 90 minutes.

Britain's healthcare system has been severely strained during surges in the country's COVID-19 outbreak. Neither will need to be administered by a health professional.