Windows 10 Mobile to begin rolling out to existing devices in December

Windows 10 Mobile to begin rolling out to existing devices in December

Windows 10 Mobile will be rolling out this December for a number of Lumia smartphones, Microsoft confirms.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for those using Windows 8.1 on mobile, similar to the program that Microsoft has for desktop and laptop owners.

Microsoft has described the new mobile-device plan as focusing not on selling as many phones as possible, but on a narrower set of scenarios in which it thinks it can win over customers. Microsoft subsequently wrote down the Nokia assets by $7.5 billion and eliminated more than 25,000 jobs. The new product which can be pre-ordered on Wednesday and available October 26 starts at $899.

According to specs released by Microsoft (these things, unfortunately, can't be tested in a five minute familiarisation session alongside a crush of media from around the world), the 950 comes with a 3000mAh battery offering 9.5 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 18 hours of 3G talk, 67 hours of MP3 playback or 10 hours of video. Thankfully, though, the company has posted a few new info about the Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950's pricing and availability for the United Kingdom. We will find out for sure when the phones are released in November.

The phone plugs right into the Display Dock via USB-C (and charges while you use it), and then you can plug in your screen via HDMI or DisplayPort. A keyboard or mouse can be connected, expanding the capacity of a smartphone to operate like a personal computer.

On a separate Microsoft page the company says it's working on making Windows 10 available for Lumia devices that have 8GB of internal storage and above.

If you were thinking about purchasing a new laptop Microsoft has a deal for you

Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett said the phones' innovative eye-screening security and ability to link to other computing capacities were intriguing ideas, with the latter of particular interest to enterprises. The company said it would deliver a development kit for the device to Windows 10 developers in the first quarter, priced at $3,000.

However, all of Microsoft's launches were aimed at the productivity mantra spelled by its chief executive Satya Nadella who has been supporting a "mobile first and cloud first" approach.

Microsoft also said its new tablet and smartphones will come with Windows Hello, an automatic biometric sign-in option introduced earlier this year.

Bob O'Donnell at the research firm Technalysis said the laptop "definitely had the wow" factor and that the notebook could score points with tech "influencers", as well as with creative professionals and artists.

The company also launched the new Surface Book laptop with 13.5-inch display which can be seen as competition to the new Apple tablet.