Will YOUR iPhone Get iOS 15? Let’s Find Out…

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           Latest Apple update could see three iPhone models getting the chop

This is the main reason we have heard that iOS 15 is not going to be available on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE.

List of iPhones which will support the Apple iOS 15 update. Previously it was touted that iOS 15 will support devices upto 6th generation. iOS 15 beta update is getting ready. Already previous year, we feared that these three smartphones would not go through the ramp, but iOS 14 was actually compatible.

It has been reported that the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and the first iPhone SE will not be compatible with the next update. That's six years ago.

French publication iPhoneSoft claimed that a developer within Apple confirmed the news to them.

Will YOUR iPhone Get iOS 15? Let’s Find Out…

Apple's iOS support, even for older models, is superb.

In fact, demand for the iPhone 12 Pro is so high that DigiTimes reveals it's significantly cutting into Huawei's bottom line in China for the first time in years, leaving Apple poised to become a dominant player in that market. However, individual discounts may vary depending on which phone you are actually buying. It all comes down to the phone's specs and performance.

This is according to a report by Softpedia News, which said iOS 15 will drop support for every iPhone older than the iPhone 7, meaning that if you have an iPhone 6s or earlier model you will be unable to update to the newest version of the operating system. It'd rather the iPhone 6s remain on iOS 14 and keep its performance, than switch up to iOS 15 and lose performance. The next generation iOS 15 system will be released before the launch iPhone 13 series. But in 2022, we could see the iPhone 7 get the same treatment as the iPhone 6s in 2021, with the release of iOS 16.