Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ Trending on tweeter after the premiere of CUTIES?

Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ Trending on tweeter after the premiere of CUTIES

Netflix is facing backlash, with #CancelNetflix trending on social media, for the streaming platform's controversial French film Cuties. Lee said that his staff is reviewing the film and the relevant laws to determine whether the movie should be referred to the U.S. Attorney General for an investigation. Given the subject matter, some are warning that it will embolden paedophilia and encourage other children to mimic the on-screen behaviour.

The movie is about a Senegalese girl in Paris joining a dance clique to escape family troubles. She said she made this movie to stop the sexualization of children in mainstream media.

Keep it with BizAsiaLive.com for more. I asked myself if these young girls understood what they were doing'. The most important thing for them was to achieve as many "likes" as possible'.

The Netflix controversy was sparked by its September 9 streaming debut of a French film, "Mignonnes", or "Cuties".

The movie CUTIES is a French movie which is about young girls of age 11 years, a girl named Amy gets attracted to twerking and meet some other girls of her age.

The controversy escalated when a scene from the film was posted on Twitter, which showed the young girls dancing suggestively and twerking on stage.

Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ Trending on tweeter after the premiere of CUTIES

It tweeted: "We're deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for Mignonnes/Cuties". The film was premiered in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition sector of 2020 Sundance Film Festival and won the Directing Jury Award praising the script of the film. The network apologized for the promotional poster, saying that the picture and the description have been updated. The movie features an extended dance sequence in which the young girls perform a provocative dance number, complete with pelvic gyrations and suggestive touching of their crotches.

"The film comments on the hyper-sexualisation of preadolescent girls".

Elsewhere in the lengthy thread, Gabbard said that she put her money where her mouth is and cancelled Netflix. Through her newfound passion, Amy grapples with how society and social media can pressure children to act in a sexually explicit manner and her own burgeoning femininity.

It's worth noting that the age rating for Cuties has been set as TV-MA in the U.S. and 15 here in the United Kingdom so it's clearly not meant for kids - but rather parents who might not understand the pressures of social media and the desire that kids have to look and act just like their favourite online celebrities or music stars.

A petition was started on change.org by Kelsi Swift against Netflix when the latter took on the film Cuties.