Who Got Engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale?

Bachelor in Paradise

Regardless, that means the couple that unfortunately was not able to weather paradise was... Contestants sign ironclad confidentiality statements, agreeing that if they give away any spoilers, they will essentially be condemned to a public walk of shame like Cersei in "Game of Thrones", and prompt a social media death. Carly liked Evan and then she didn't like him and actually vommed after going on a date with him, which could've certainly been attributed to the habanero pepper ingested before breaking the world record for longest habanero pepper kiss.

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris!

Carly, who praised Evan for being "fearless in the pursuit of [her]" and said that she would die for him, quickly said yes.

Nick & Jen were up next and bring on the tears!

"I never would've thought that I'd be here but I'm so happy I am where I am", he said just before proposing.

After Nick Viall broke up with Jen Saviano, it was Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray's turn. He moved to Orange County to be with her and her two young daughters, who he absolutely adores. After the "Bachelor in Paradise" finale, the engaged couple reveals whether or not their future plans involve a TV wedding!

Evan and Carly had the worst of it: their date involved stripping to their underwear, smothering each other in paint then flopping around on white sheets.

Grant assured Lace that he loves her just as she is. He feels like his heart beats to her soul. She's nervous, she says, because Evan is so unpredictable.

Speaking of which, next up on the docket is Grant, Lace and Lace's eyelashes. Evan looks like he's ready to go through with the proposal. Declaring, "I'm so in love!" He asks Nick: "How many times am I gonna see you again?"

Now it's showtime. Grant and Lace.

In a show like "Bachelor In Paradise", hearts are bound to be broken, and words are bound to be taken out of context. Unfortunately, this did not end up happening. Of course, Jen did not know this - and began proclaiming her love for Nick. She tells Nick, "Coming into this, my eyes went right to you...the chemistry was instant and intense..." I knew he was from Nashville, and that's a huge thing for me. The 28-year-old star said that her friend and Viall dated after the show finished and she believed that the two are still in a relationship. While full on sobbing Nick continues, "I'm sorry..." I want to know if she has ever watched this show before. Carly and Evan may have been just one of three couples to embrace an engagement, but some are already wondering if this might be the duo that manages to make it last.

Fans saw it all go down on the BIP season finale Tuesday night.

Josh Murray proposed to Amanda Stanton in the finale. "I want to leave paradise holding hands with Nick".

Amanda thanked Lauren and also said that she loves her very much.