Which Stores Are Requiring Shoppers To Wear A Mask?

Which Stores Are Requiring Shoppers To Wear A Mask?

Kroger, the largest USA grocery store operator, pointed to the spike in Covid-19 instances throughout the US when asserting its coverage this week.

So, how does a company protect their employees?

Aldi announced that customers will be required to wear face coverings in all of its stores on July 27.

Anthony Hucker, CEO of Southeastern Grocers (Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, Harveys, etc.) initially signed the letter, but backed out of it later, stating that the stores would only require face coverings in states where it was mandated.

Apple: When Apple reopened stores in May, the company required all shoppers to wear a mask. They have not mandated it yet so as not to cause friction between customers and associates. Sure elements have began to drive their hand: Some native and state governments required face coverings in public locations.

Trader Joe's- We request all customers wear a face covering while shopping in our stores.

Target's policy goes into effect nationwide on August 1, with an exception for children and people with underlying health conditions.

Starting July 21, the grocery chain will require customers to wear face masks in its stores.

Target, CVS Health and Publix Super Markets on Thursday joined the growing list of major retailers that will require customers to wear masks as cases of COVID-19 spike. And lots of inspired clients to store in other methods, reminiscent of by means of curbside pickup, if they like not to placed on a mask or can not put on one for medical causes.

In an effort to help decrease the spread of the coronavirus, many local retailers are asking customers to don a facial covering prior to entering their stores. This mask requirement does not apply to individuals unable to wear a mask for medical reasons.

Harris Teeter: All customers must wear a mask starting July 22.

The decision comes after Walmart said it will require face masks in all of their stores. Lowe's will offer free masks at the customer service desk of every store for customers who need them, while supplies last.

CVS Chief Operating Officer Jon Roberts explained the new shopping rules come after "encouraging" customers to cover up. "As cases continue to rise in many parts of the country, it's critical we, as businesses and members of the community, do everything we can". "We understand that there are a variety of opinions about masks, however the CDC and other health experts are aligned on the benefits of facial coverings in reducing the spread of COVID-19".