What is 'Me too' on Facebook & Twitter and why is it trending?

Spencer Platt — Getty Images

It's because both women and men who have been sexually assaulted or harassed are posting the two words on social media to show how widespread the problem is.

On Monday Twitter confirmed to CNN that #MeToo had been tweeted more than a half a million times.

"Actresses Debra Messing, Ana Paquin and Anika Noni-Rose are among the thousands who have taken part in the "#MeToo" trend.

"While about 46,000 people have replied to the original tweet, many more have simply tweeted "#MeToo" themselves, with or without further details about their experiences.

Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter on Sunday with an idea, suggested by a friend, she said.

Thousands of women have followed in her footsteps. The last time it happened was 1 month ago, at work.

Since then, women on social media, and some men have tweeted about the sexual harassment they faced. Some women who reported unwanted touching and worse said hearing from their sister models has brought long-buried recollections to mind.

"I feel disgusted and sad", Ed Krassenstein wrote.

One who has long ago made the rain and attractive time in Hollywood is accused of rape, assault, or sexual harassment by many actresses, some well-known, that, since a few days, have chose to break the silence about a behavior that lasts for years. "You've given me the courage to finally speak out and not be afraid".

Milano joined in the boycott, tweeting that Friday would be the first day in over 10 years that she wouldn't tweet.

Milano spoke out against Weinstein on her website, Patriot not Partisan, on October 9, four days after the New York Times story was published. "I was lucky", one reply wrote.

Although the overwhelming majority of the posts were personal in nature, the Weinstein scandal and US President Donald Trump's videotaped boasts of groping women with impunity also drew comments.