What If: Could Gary Johnson get hot and play the spoiler?


ReasonThe editorial board of Virginia's second-largest newspaper declared in a weekend commentary that they are breaking with a lengthy tradition of endorsing Republican candidates for president and throwing their support toward the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson.

"If voters continue to be turned off by both major party candidates, Johnson has the most to gain", said pollster R. Kelly Myers of RKM Research, who conducted the Franklin Pierce Herald poll.

Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for the White House stopped by Grandview University to make his case. How can it be that if we don't really like either of the candidates, how did they get the nomination?

"Give us one term, America".

Johnson and Weld are making a late play on the television airwaves starting this week in order to explain to voters that there is indeed a third option available for them.

To date, neither ABC nor CBS has mentioned Johnson's candidacy on their evening newscasts, although ABC has hosted him on This Week, and he's been discussed on CBS's Face the Nation and CBS This Morning. "If, after four years, you decide you don't like peace, prosperity and freedom, you can always vote a Trump or a Hillary back into office again", Johnson says.

Johnson says the next step in his campaign is to get onto the national debate stage.

In spite of this, the broadcast network evening newscasts are essentially blacking out the existence of alternatives to Clinton and Trump - a potentially fatal blow to candidates who are required to average 15 percent support to qualify for the upcoming presidential debates.

"The issue right now is being on the top line of these polls".

Regardless of how the election turns out, Johnson hopes that he'll make a positive impact on the country. "Just getting it out there, total honesty and there's a lot of dishonesty with Hillary and Trump" said Darling. "It's nice to have a third person to have the opportunity to vote for".