What can we expect from the Apple “iPhone 7”?

What can we expect from the Apple “iPhone 7”?

We’re about eight weeks away from the widely dubbed iPhone 7, and as always fans of the product already have an idea of what to expect from Apple’s latest offering. The design seems similar to the iPhone 6 with an improved camera, upgraded internal features and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Here are 8 things we can expect from the iPhone 7 through leaks and rumors:

  • 1. The camera hole is 25% wider than the current iPhone 6 and this probably means improved image quality yet the megapixel count may not increase.
  • 2. A leaked image shows the 4.7 inch back casing and the obvious changes to the antenna lines which seems sleeker and they are only visible on the bottom edges of the phone.
  • 3. The removal of the earphone jack is quite controversial, and the device will rely on Lightning cable headphones and Bluetooth devices for audio output.
  • 4. The physical home button is one of Apple’s most reported faults and this new device may do away with the Home Button and use a capacitive touch-sensitive area. This feature will probably employ similar workings to the Force Touch Trackpad.
  • 5. Less openings may lead to improved resilience by being waterproof and dust proof with the removal of the Home Button and headphone jack.
  • 6. The leaked iPhone 7 images depict a 3 pin connector, although the functionality is not clear yet, it may be related to wireless charging.
  • 7. Internal upgrades may include a new processor and graphics chips, which may be dubbed Apple A10 and a base model with storage starting at 32GB.
  • 8. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will debut at a media event in September, in line with the Apple Product Cycle. The launch event will be confirmed in late August via press invitations.

It is no secret that iPhone competitors have been immensely catching up to the brand, and even superseding some features. This has presented a whole new challenge to technology jobs across mobile device companies where loyal iPhone users have turned to Android devices. The iPhone 6 was also widely reviewed as “nothing special” but what is rumored of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus seems to meet and exceed the expectations of Apple users when it comes the iPhone.