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Oddsmakers installed the challenger Alvarez as a -250 betting favorite and the market responded by laying the chalk, which forced bookmakers to raise the price. "He was at a point of his career where he could still move forward even if he had lost". "I have no doubt about that what we've done in seven weeks in L.A.is going to be the key to victory".

Across from him this Saturday night is Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Personally, I find the catch weight, absolute horseshit, but if the fighters like it I won't complain further. And this is the first heavy puncher he's going against, and Miguel's looked great in his last three fights. Oscar has committed himself to helping the younger fighter prepare. Fighters are required to pay sanctioning fees in title fights, but according to a source, Cotto, who was willing to pay a six-figure fee, felt $300,000 was too steep. It bursts our bubble and leaves us to consider the nonsensical things we turn to when real life leaves us flat. I've worked very hard.

"Thank you all for the support you've given me and this great event". In terms of formulating a game plan and then making adjustments during a fight, no one is better than Roach, and in a head-to-head with Alvarez trainer Eddy Reynoso, Roach wins in a landslide.

Since then, Alvarez has won all three of his fights, two by knockout, including a Knockout of the Year candidate over James Kirkland in May. In their original statement, the WBC stressed they stand by their "honorability and will not participate in the abuse of power and greed", something that has irked Cotto, who feels their decision suggests otherwise.

That is on top of the $800,000 that Cotto spent earlier to avoid meeting Golovkin so he could take on Alvarez instead.

The middleweight limit is 160 pounds. "However, in the latter rounds, Canelo's youth (25 to 35) and reach (5'9" with 70.5" to 5'7" with 67" reach) should allow him to take a clear unanimous decision from Cotto. But Alvarez, 23 at the time, scoffed at the notion that after eight years and 43 fights he was in over his head. If your reputation precedes you as a big star in boxing, you get to make your own rules and your opponents either fight you on those terms or they don't get the opportunity at all.

The Miguel Cotto vs Saul "Canelo" Alvarez bout is already a serious contender for Fight of the Year as both sluggers are reigniting the historic and fierce boxing rivalry between Puerto Rico and Mexico. Roach has also trained Manny Pacquiao. About how Roach has been able to transform his newest pupil back to the dominant Cotto of old.

"The fight is still there, it's a sellout and they're going to make millions and millions", Sulaiman said. "I'm here with Freddie, the only thing I'm going to talk about is what I have with Freddie right now".

Sergio Martinez was a fighter who had nearly nothing left after numerous knee surgeries left him a shell of his former self.

To be fair, Cotto's stepped into the ring with a few of boxing's most bankable draws in history. In a flawless world, it shouldn't mean too much.

Two all-action fighters, coupled with a Mexican-Puerto Rico dynamic, looks to be a recipe for one of the years' most dramatic, exciting dustups. And expect scores to reflect Alvarez gaining that control in half the time.

"Of course we hear from him many times that he has retired", Pacquiao said in a separate interview with CNN.

While Cotto's assertions are technically correct, they don't address the issue that most fans and media members have raised with the champion's reign.