Warriors to offer $100 tickets without view of the court

The Warriors are offering a $100 ticket option that doesn't include a view of the court

However, fans who purchase the pass will have access to the arena's bars and restaurants, while having the option to watch the game on televisions in the club areas.

The team is rolling out a "In The Building Pass" that costs $100 a month and gets you into the arena but not into a spot where you can see the actual game firsthand.

But there's more in store for the Bay Area people as Golden State has offered unique "no view" $100 monthly passes to fans at Oracle Arena.

The monthly pass, which is non-transferable and must be connected to a name, was revealed in an email sent to fans on Monday, ESPN reported.

Not included with the pass? The passes will also be available through April, but not during the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys have offered standing-room-only tickets called "Party Passes" since 2009, however, the first few rows actually have a view of the game. The Warriors plan to sell 200 of these passes each month through the end of the regular season, and the team will bank up to $20,000 extra revenue per month in ticket sales alone.

The Warriors will play in front of a sold-out crowd for the 300th consecutive time on Tuesday night.

The Warriors now own a 299-game sellout streak, and 44,000-plus people are on their season-ticket waiting list.

Only the Oklahoma City Thunder (349 games), Miami Heat (385 games) and Dallas Mavericks (751 games) have longer active sellout streaks than the reigning National Basketball Association champions.