Walking Dead star Norman Reedus talks Daryl's sexuality and passionate fan base

Norman Reedus in the November issue of Details

In 2010, Norman became obsessed with a pilot about survivors of the zombie apocalypse. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus said that the undead greenery contains an Easter egg that references a memorable Caryl moment from a previous season of show. Rumor has it that the motorcycle riding badass may have been killed off earlier in the upcoming season 6 of The Walking Dead. It gives a few people an underdog quality-you want to root for them as they fight their way through something.

We're not clued into why Daryl has taken time off from helping Rick and the others, but who cares?

Overall Norman is impressed with how The Walking Dead has transformed over the years.

"I would hate to leave the show, but I am ready for anything", he said. Ugh, we really had our hopes up, but perhaps things will change throughout the course of this highly anticipated season.

He recently briefly departed The Walking Dead to shoot another moody project, the crime drama Triple 9 which is about a gang a corrupt cops working together to pull off a heist. I find that I enjoy it more if I go into the episodes without having put a lot of thought into what I think will happen, or what I want to happen. I would play the role of Daryl until I am 80 if they need me to. In the end, my opinion is irrelevant anyway.

While Gimple refused to answer if the Wolves could have someone inside Alexandria, he did tease, "The Wolves are not just the main thing this season".

"There was a hint [that he might be gay] and I was down with that too". One of the most popular among those stories claims that he originally auditioned to play Merle Dixon, a part that was ultimately given to Michael Rooker.