Volkswagen Offers $1000 Compensation to Diesel auto Owners


In a shock admission last week the company said it had underreported carbon emissions to European Union regulators on around 800,000 cars in Europe. The "Goodwill Package" is available only to registered owners or lessees as of November 8. Audi is the luxury unit of Volkswagen AG.

The VW owners said they were concerned that any fixes will hurt their fuel economy.

The offer announced Monday goes to owners of 482,000 cars in the US, many who are angry at the company because they paid extra for the cars to be environmentally sensitive without losing peppy acceleration. Included in the package is also 3 years of roadside assistance.

"As we work tirelessly to develop a remedy, we ask for your continued patience", Volkswagen said.

"Affected customers eligible for the Goodwill Package are not required to waive their rights or release their claims against VWGoA in order to receive the Package". "What matters to us primarily is that we can offer full transparency to our customers at this point", he said.

Steve Kalafer, chairman of the Flemington vehicle and Truck Country dealerships in Flemington, N.J., said Volkswagen's offer was a welcome first step after a long silence between the automaker and its customers and US retailers.

Blumenthal and Markey said if VW wants to do the right thing, the automaker should offer every owner a buy-back option and do it without taking away the option for the owner to sue.

VW is still trying to determine how to fix 500,000 diesel Volkswagens and Audis in the bring them into compliance with federal emission rules.

The TDI emission scandal affected almost 4,82,000 diesel cars in the US. This card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Limit one per affected vehicle as confirmed by unique VIN; cards may not be transferred or sold.

For more information, check out Volkswagen's diesel information website. There have been signs of tension between Müller and labor leaders, which is unusual at Volkswagen.

Separately, Volkswagen said its head of corporate communications, Andreas Lampersbach, quit on Monday, joining a wave of departures as the scandal over its manipulation of emissions tests escalates.

The scandal has cost Volkswagen CEO Michael Winterkorn his job.

The company says up to 11 million vehicles worldwide have the software that helped cheat on the USA emissions tests.

Last week, the EPA accused VW of cheating with different software on larger six-cylinder diesel in about 10,000 vehicles.