Voiptime Lead Management Platform Updates


One of the biggest advantages of Voiptime Cloud LMS is a dialer. Users can call clients directly from the system right after they add a SIP-number and enter configurations in three tabs: General, Advanced, and Codecs.

On March, 7, 2016, Voiptime, well-known IT systems for sales developers, announced the new release of its lead management crm. The team applied a number of changes that will make the solution even more powerful and easier to work with.

After noting that some users with little or no technical background experienced difficulties entering the correct data into the configuration, the Voiptime team decided to create default basic parameters to make the setup process as easy as possible. Thus, with the updated system, to begin making calls, users will need to fill in only a few fields:

  • Name - this field is custom and you can enter any name you like. It won’t be shown to your customers.
  • Sip proxy - this is a SIP server of the provider. This information you’ll get from the SIP provider.
  • Caller ID - This information you’ll get from the SIP provider.

After users fill in this information, 2 additional fields appear: Username and Password. This data can be copied to the system from the SIP account settings.

The data in Advanced and Codecs tabs will be set by default:


With new updates, Voiptime Cloud users will be able to add a SIP-number more quickly and easily, no special skills or knowledge required. The development team believes that the most important feature of the best lead tracking software is the simplicity of use. The company strives to make the LMS as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

In the next release, Voiptime plans to make the calling process even easier for users by enabling them to buy SIP numbers directly in the system. This feature will be implemented in the beginning of summer, 2017.

Sales process becomes easier
Default Lead Statuses. The new version of Voiptime Cloud will feature an updated lead status selection. The software will enable users to mark their leads with one of 5 default statuses: Open, New, Potential, Customer, or Unqualified. This will help to identify which sales process stage the lead is on at the moment and will be used for dashboard information and for reports.

Dashboard. The dashboard will show data important for sales process monitoring. The lead generation management system reports will display new leads for a chosen period of time, events scheduled, clients that need attention, and leads by lifecycle stage.

Filtered groups. In the new version of Voiptime Cloud LMS, users will be able to filter contacts in projects according to different fields and create filtered groups. This will make working on certain campaigns much easier.

Recently, Voiptime Cloud Lead Management System has been named a Rising Star 2017 and received a Great User Experience 2017 Award from trusted review source Financesonline.

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