Vietnam sets up Covid-19 vaccine fund

Sarnia pharmacies starting to offer Pfizer and Moderna vaccine

According to Quebec's public health institute, 57.1 per cent of residents have received at least one vaccine shot, while 5.9 per cent have received two doses or are considered adequately vaccinated after having tested positive for COVID-19 and received one dose.

This will begin with individuals turning 80 and over who will be eligible to book their second dose appointment on May 31 followed by individuals aged 70 and over scheduled to begin the week of June 14. In recent weeks, health officials have said there now are some 20,000 doses available to be given as second shots.

The government has said it will administer Pfizer as a second dose, but also has suggested those who want AstraZeneca for their second shot will be given that drug.

Second dose appointments can be rebooked through the provincial booking system and through pharmacies.

According to health department sources, a total of 405,673 people have been scheduled for the second vaccine dose till date since the vaccination process started in February this year. Appointments at this time will also open to those with highest health-risk conditions and special education workers.

While saying that an additional 200 million doses of any of the World Health Organization emergency use listed COVID-19 vaccines are needed to immunise 10 per cent of African population by September. This means older children could be fully vaccinated prior to returning to school in September. So far, only 4 percent of the population has received the first dose of the vaccine.

Individuals who received a first dose of AstraZeneca will see second dose intervals accelerate to a 12-week interval.

Cancer patients, solid organ transplant patients or patients receiving treatment with Rituximab and Ocrelizumab who received a letter confirming their eligibility are now able to get their second AstraZeneca dose as well.

Moeti added that the continent requires additional vaccine doses as a matter of urgency amid supply crunch that has stalled inoculation targeting high-risk groups.

After May 31 (and the expiry of the oldest doses of AstraZeneca the province now has on hand), people who received their first dose of the AZ vaccine will be eligible to receive their second 12 weeks after they had their first, starting with those who received their first dose on March 21. It already has an agreement with AstraZeneca to secure enough doses for 60 million people.