Utah may launch its own antitrust lawsuit against Google

Utah may launch its own antitrust lawsuit against Google

The Justice Department alleges that Google broke antitrust law to maintain its monopoly in search, where it has about 90 percent of the USA market, and two kinds of advertising - search advertising and general search text advertising. This Antitrust lawsuit is the culmination of a long investigation and has been likened to the action taken against Microsoft in 1988.

The Justice Department's lawsuit is "deeply flawed", Google says.

The company has maintained that its sector remains intensely competitive and that its practices put customers first.

Google on Tuesday called the lawsuit against the company "deeply flawed" and said that users would find it more hard to access superior search tools and affordable smartphones if the government wins its case.

The Justice Department this week finally filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google after more than a year of investigating the business practices of the search giant.

Such methods include paying billions of dollars to companies like Apple, Samsung and T-Mobile to make Google the default search engine on mobile devices and internet browsers. As The Wall Street Journal editorial board notes, "Consumers can easily download other browsers and search engines if they don't like Google's, unlike in the 1990s when they had to buy special software or jump through hoops to use an alternative to Microsoft's". A number that large for Google, which already has a monopoly-type position in the search market, is indefensible.

And the resulting lack of competition harms "users, advertisers, and small businesses" by foisting on them higher advertising prices, less innovation, and greater privacy violations, said the USA attorney general William Barr in a statement.

On Twitter she said the lawsuit had "been so long coming but it's wonderful to see". In 1974, the antitrust case against AT&T led to the breakup of the huge, American telephone company.

The complaint said 11 states, including Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina and Texas, joined the suit. He also worked at Facebook, leading their efforts to address privacy and security issues there. The fact that it was filed two weeks before Election Day raises questions.

Here's U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen.

Google parent Alphabet, which has a market value of more than $1tn, is expected to fight the allegations in the USA as well.

The lawsuit "basically ignores price and focuses on quality and innovation", Gardiner said, adding that such attempts were not new, "but the antitrust agencies in the past have been reluctant to move forward without evidence of price effects, so this is a shift". And this case is really all about Google's dominance. The company reported more than $160 billion in earnings past year.

The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday brought legal action against Google for its business methods. "Over the last ten years, internet searches on mobile devices have grown rapidly, eclipsing searches on computers and making mobile devices the most important avenue for search distribution in the United States".

"But let's be clear- our competitors are readily available too, if you want to use them", Walker added.

As Google was promptly tossing other businesses under the bus as part of its defense, the company managed to steamroll Firefox as an example of its "superior" alternative services that people are "choosing" to engage with versus being forced to as the DoJ partially claims.

Deciding who is right won't be a quick decision.