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US President Trump reiterates offer to mediate Kashmir crisis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Despite steps to increase people-to-people links between India and Pakistan, the Pakistan Army and intelligence service-which exercise a monopoly over the nation's foreign policy-have ensured that Kashmir remains a boiling issue between the two nations. This means that Pakistan must attack India through proxy actors under its nuclear umbrella, just to demonstrate that India has not defeated it or forced it into accepting the status quo. I went a few days after the legislation to China and explained to them that as far as they were concerned, nothing had changed. And I'll tell you why I do that. He said in a speech this month that anyone who attempted to cross the border risked drawing the ire of India, losing worldwide sympathy and would be an "enemy of Kashmir".

India, he said, was trying to bankrupt his country by referring it to Financial Action Task Force, which monitors terrorism funding.

India needed to ensure the protection of all Kashmiris' human rights, the foreign minister told media in NY.

"Pakistan is ready to provide full cooperation to delegates from P5 countries or diplomats from any other country who wish to visit any of the alleged locations to see for themselves that such Indian allegations are totally baseless and a mere rhetoric, to mislead both the worldwide community and Indian domestic audience", Moazzam further said.

Pakistan has offered permanent members of the UN Security Council or any other country inspection of alleged terror camps to prove that India's allegations are "totally baseless". "There were always links-there had to be links, because they trained them", said the prime minister in a candid conversation in which he offered a historical context for the regional culture, and conflict. He said Pakistan wanted peace in Afghanistan. "The world doesn't realise that we are heading for a big disaster", he said.

The Prime Minister said that he is visiting the United States of America as Ambassador of Kashmiris and he will present the Kashmir Case before the world effectively.

S Jaishankar has ruled out the possibility of any cricketing ties with Pakistan saying New Delhi can not take a "tea break" and say "let us go and play cricket" while Islamabad continues to support terror groups.

"So this is a democracy, the sentiments of people do matter".

Due to the strained relations between India and Pakistan, the SAARC summit has not been held for the last four years since Nepal hosted 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu in November, 2014. The issue was however was solved during a delegation-level talk between the two sides.

In his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Albania Gent Cakaj, Mr. Jaishankar said India looks forward to creating a contemporary framework for the bilateral relationship.

In his meeting with Belarus FM Vladimir Makei, he discussed economic collaboration possibilities and tourism.