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US Navy Secretary Terminates Review of Officers Over War Crimes Case

US Navy Secretary Terminates Review of Officers Over War Crimes Case

Spencer was in the end canned as a result of Esper mentioned the Navy official went behind his again to chop a take care of the White Home over Gallagher's case.

The extraordinary accusation came in an opinion piece published on The Washington Post's website Wednesday evening, three days after he was sacked.

Trump intervened to move Gallagher to less restrictive confinement before the trial began and reversed Gallagher's demotion and restore his rank after the verdict was delivered, Spencer wrote. She called Trump's actions an effort "to subvert the military justice system" and voiced support for "uniformed leaders' efforts to dissuade @POTUS from subverting mil justice for his personal politics".

"I think what I'm doing is sticking up for our armed forces", Trump said to reporters on Monday. Trump then ordered Spencer to transfer Gallagher, he said.

Gallagher, who was acquitted of murdering a teenage prisoner of war in Iraq, was demoted after being found guilty of posing for photographs with the POW's body.

Within the Op-ed, Spencer detailed three situations the place Trump concerned himself within the case, twice by telephone name and as soon as in a tweet.

Though he stands by his desire to seek further reviews over Gallagher's honorable status, Spencer wrote he regrets going behind Esper's back.

"The president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, against ethical or governed by a uniform set of rules and practices", Spencer wrote in a piece published by the Washington Post on Wednesday.

And a third: "Should he be able to keep his Trident pin, the medal all SEALs wear and treasure as members of an elite force?"

The U.S. Navy has chose to drop a review of three SEALs who could have been expelled from the force in connection to war crimes committed by Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher. 27, 2019, the case was becoming a distraction.

The decision was the latest twist in the Gallagher matter.

Gallagher had already submitted his retirement papers, leaving Spencer with three decisions to make. All three had supervised Gallagher during his deployment in 2017 in Iraq.

"Given the unique circumstances of these three remaining cases, I have determined that any failures in conduct, performance, judgment or professionalism exhibited by these officers be addressed through other administrative measures as appropriate, such as letters of instruction or performance observations on their officer fitness reports", Modly said.

He asked the Chief of Naval Operations to terminate the examination process of Lt Cdrdr Robert Breisch, Lt Jacob Portier and Lt Thomas MacNeil. "In my judgment, neither deserves the continued distraction and negative attention that recent events have evoked".

Gallagher was accused of seven total charges, including premeditated murder of an ISIS detainee, but was acquitted of all but one charge. "Half are ardent Trump supporters that believe the President is watching out for the troops".