US Attorney General Expected to Face Mueller Report Questions

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler speaks as he passes a resolution to subpoena special counsel Robert Mueller's full report

Although lawmakers and the public have yet to see the full report into Russia's meddling in the 2016 campaign and the Trump team's alleged involvement, the attorney general is already preparing to look into the counterintelligence decisions made by the Justice Department and FBI officials that led to the special counsel investigation.

Barr's investigation into the origins of the Russian Federation probe is separate from the long-running Office of Inspector General investigation into the Justice Department's handling of the Russian Federation investigation.

Attorney General William Barr has assembled a team to investigate how the Russian Federation investigation and other counterintelligence probes began, a US official told CBS News. At the same time, you know, the attorney general has said that he wants to be transparent with this report.

Instead, the topic of his appearance is the Trump administration's proposed budget for the Justice Department for the fiscal year that begins in October. He said he provided Mueller the opportunity to review Barr's controversial March 24, 2019 letter to Congress, in which he outlined the conclusions of Mueller's report, but that Mueller declined the opportunity review the draft or to provide input.

Explaining the rapid turnaround for his letter, Mr Barr said: "The thinking of the special counsel was not a mystery to the Department of Justice prior to the submission of the report".

Mr Barr did confirm however, that he will release the report "within a week".

For most people who aren't as obsessed with the Mueller investigation, that line of reasoning is likely too confusing to follow.

Barr will testify today before the Senate Appropriations Committee. Not only will the redactions be color-coded according to which of Barr's previously-stated four categories of withheld information they happen to fall into, but Barr also said he plans to provide explanatory documentation justifying each redaction. Barr, with Mueller's assistance, has spent weeks redacting material that might compromise ongoing investigations or intelligence-gathering sources and methods. If Congress agrees, there would be 100 new immigration judges, which the attorney general says are necessary to help address a backlog of about 820,000 pending cases nationwide. "I think it would strike a serious blow to our system and to our democracy if that report is not fully seen".

"You're darn right I'm going after them again", Giuliani told the Associated Press of Mueller's team.

Trump himself, who has repeatedly called the investigation of his campaign a "witch hunt", said on Wednesday, "It was started illegally".

Congressional Republicans - and the president - have alleged that officials improperly relied on that dossier to obtain a secret warrant to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. When Crist asked about Trump's claim of total exoneration, despite Mueller's explicit statement that the report "does not exonerate" the president, Barr pretended that determining the meaning of the word "exonerate" was above his pay grade.

Barr said he did not believe Mueller's evidence was sufficient to prove that Trump had obstructed justice.