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United Kingdom government wanted better Brexit terms for itinerant artists | right Now

A lone European Union supporter outside the British Parliament in London on Wednesday. Brexit in essence takes place at the stroke of midnight in Brussels or 11pm London time

UK PM Boris Johnson's father Stanley confirmed on Thursday that he was seeking French citizenship just when free movement of Britons was coming to an end thanks to Brexit deal delivered by his own son. After nearly five decades as part of the bloc, the United Kingdom will now forge a separate path.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's father Stanley confirmed plans on Thursday (Dec 31) to seek French citizenship as the free movement of Britons in the European Union comes to an end under the Brexit pact delivered by his son.

"We have only one day before the end of the transition period, and it's the only deal that we have", Labor leader Keir Starmer said.

After that, Britain will leave the EU's vast single market and customs union - the biggest single economic change the country has experienced since World War II.

Johnson said it meant "a new stability and a new certainty" in a relationship that had been "fractious" between Britain and the EU.

"Where firms that are subject to the UK DTO trade with, or on behalf of, EU clients that are subject to the EU DTO, they will be able to transact or execute those trades on EU venues".

One of the documents signed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the Brexit trade deal with the European Union

The European Parliament also must sign off on the agreement, but is not expected to get to it for several weeks.

"We have a deal in trade, which benefits the European Union, but not a deal in services, which would have benefited the U.K.", May said. The trade deal will need to be scrutinized by the European Parliament early next year before it is formally ratified by the EU Council.

Rules on e-commerce and financial services set in the Japan-Britain deal have become more ambitious than in the Japan-EU pact, including a prohibition on governments requesting businesses to disclose algorithms used in artificial intelligence technology and encryption data.

Conservative lawmaker Bill Cash, who campaigned for Brexit for decades, said it was a "victory for democracy and sovereignty". In the French president's traditional New Year's address, Emmanuel Macron expressed regret. However, if they want to do so (within a 180-day time frame) for a period of more than ninety days, they need a visa. "Having a tie with the European Union is important", he said. "This choice of leaving Europe, this Brexit, was the child of European malaise and lots of lies and false promises, ". And that makes me very happy. "I think that COVID has overshadowed everything that is going on".

United Kingdom government ministers expect most of the pro-Brexit European Research Group to fall in behind the agreement on Wednesday when it is voted on, with only about ten Tory rebels voting against.