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United Kingdom doctors had 'contingency plans' with frail Boris Johnson battling Coronavirus

Boris Johnson's son named in tribute to his NHS intensive care doctors

Describing his physical condition, the prime minister said he "was not in particularly brilliant shape", and recalled that "there were contingency plans in place" as a precautionary measure in case his health status worsened further.

Doctors treating Boris Johnson were preparing to announce his death, the prime minister has told a Sunday newspaper. "That was when it got a bit.they were starting to think about how to handle it presentationally", he revealed.

"It was a tough old moment, I won't deny it", he told the paper.

"By strengthening developing countries' health systems and working to find a vaccine, the United Kingdom is playing its part in stopping the global spread of coronavirus to save lives everywhere and protect our NHS".

Wilfred is in honor of Johnson's grandfather, and Lawrie for Symonds grandfather, she said.

Johnson is now back to his regular duties at 10 Downing Street and is, one again, in control of the country's response to the outbreak that has claimed 28,131 lives in the of Saturday - a death toll that's just slightly lower than in hard-hit Italy. Ten days later, he was admitted to hospital as he entered the critical phase of the infection.

"I get emotional about it.but it was an extraordinary thing". Referencing a decline in vital measurements, he added, "the bloody indicators kept going in the wrong direction". He only recently returned to work after recovering from his illness and after the birth of his son, whom he named after the health care workers who saved his life. After spending just a few days in intensive care, he emerged on April 12.

He said his week in hospital had left him driven by a desire to both stop others suffering and to get the United Kingdom "healthy again".

Ms Symonds praised the maternity team at University College Hospital in London, saying: "Thank you so, so much to the incredible NHS maternity team at UCLH that looked after us so well".

"I couldn't be happier", said Symonds, who is shown in her Instagram picture cradling the baby boy who appears to have a full head of sandy colored hair. The middle name Nicholas is to honour the two doctors who treated Johnson.