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Union mad police victims have voice at DNC, not cops' widows

Union mad police victims have voice at DNC, not cops' widows

The GOP National Convention kicked off in Cleveland on Monday; the Democratic National Convention will take place in Philadelphia July 25-28.

Next week, the City of Brotherly Love will host the Democratic National Convention, where presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will make her title official. "We also feel pretty strongly that it's our responsibility as the city's oversight agency to be there and see what happens", Anderson said.

Earlier in July, five Dallas police officers were shot and killed by a gunman who appeared to be targeting law enforcement.

In Vermont, about six of the 22 delegates supporting Sanders launched GoFundMe campaigns, said one of them, Claudia Pringles of Montpelier, a lawyer who specializes in disabilities law. Cleveland's entire protest zone was 1.7 square miles, and the Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention was held, was on the western edge of it. Several permitted marches are back-to-back, on Broad Street and streets near Independence Hall. Philadelphia officials estimate 35,000 to 50,000 protesters will participate in 21 authorized rallies and numerous other events. And those are just demonstrations with permits.

Each attendee is expected to spend about $300 per day on average. It's the fifth largest city and close to other major cities on the coast.

Philadelphia's police union issued a scathing rebuke of Hillary Clinton for including relatives of victims of police shootings at the Democratic National Convention but no relatives of slain police officers.

Two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were shot and killed by police this summer in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively, under circumstances that are still under investigation.

"They never did stop calling her name". It also says it will provide pro bono legal help to any protesters arrested during the convention.

Pringles said she reached her fundraising goal of $2,800 on Wednesday.

"We want a YUGE demonstration/march at the convention in Philly as well as YUGE solidarity marches across the country to send a clear message to the establishment", the Facebook page created for, "March for Bernie at DNC", reads.

Vice President Biden has been charged with rallying the Rust Belt in states like West Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri, where Trump has strong support from the coal mining and automobile industries.