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Ukrainian President Zelensky: Trump didn't blackmail me during call about Joe Biden

Ukrainian President Zelensky: Trump didn't blackmail me during call about Joe Biden

"With due respect for the United States and America's policy, we are not serving the latter's objective, as we are an independent country". A native Russian-speaker, he spoke predominantly in Ukrainian, though at times he attempted to answer questions from global reporters in his rapidly improving English.

The pullback has not occurred because of shelling from both sides and threats from Ukrainian hardliners to hamper the disengagement, prompting Zelenskiy to argue that there won't be one so long as there are those who "don't want the disengagement" and "do random shooting".

Putin's remarks on Friday came a week after Ukraine, along with Russian Federation and separatists in eastern Ukraine, signed an accord to pull back heavy weaponry and to hold an election in the area at a later date.

The security officials became even more unnerved after the call, in which Trump asked Zelensky to "look into" Biden family activities in Ukraine. Mr Zelensky said he had never met them.

Asked whether the Ukrainian version matched up to the U.S. one, Mr Zelensky said: "I didn't even check, but I think that it matches completely".

Trump highlighted Zelensky's remarks on Twitter, saying: "This should immediately end the talk of impeachment!" On Thursday, he repeatedly stressed he had no interest in interfering in the USA presidential election. "The call could have no impact on our relations with America". President Trump said, sharing his son's post.

"We just wanted to establish relations", the Ukrainian president said, adding, "The story with Burisma has nothing to do with weapons".

Zelenskiy invited US and Ukrainian prosecutors to cooperate on an eventual investigation into the Bidens, but insisted he would not interfere. The theory contends, without evidence, that the hack of the Democratic National Committee was initiated from Ukraine.

"We didn't speak about this", he told reporters.

"Judging from the content of the Trump-Zelenskiy call, Trump was not reading talking points", McFaul said. He told reporters Thursday that the main goal of his conversation with Trump was to set up a meeting with the American president and show reform measures were in place in Ukraine.

Mr Trump said the military aid was frozen because of concerns about corruption in Ukraine, but the move prompted congressional outcry and the money was released in September. "And in case we need to find a solution to questions of this level, questions about our country's security, we use all our powerful possibilities". It's unclear whether or not one of these people may also be what amounts to the second whistleblower that we learned about last week and could also explain the comments by the attorney for the first whistleblower that his firm was representing "multiple" persons with knowledge regarding the Ukraine matter.