UK refuses to grant EU diplomats full status, sparking row

British government denies diplomatic status to EU ambassador

Britain is refusing to give full diplomatic status to the European Union's ambassador in London, causing a row between the recently divorced parties, the BBC reported on Thursday.

The spokesman pointed out that although the European bloc is a group of countries, it does not constitute a country in itself.

When foreign ambassadors take up their duties in the UK, they must present the letters of credence to the Queen, but João Vale de Almeida, who took office in early February 2020, after several years as European Ambassador to the United States - United, has not yet done so. Of the ambassadors accredited in the state.

"It would invulnerabilities for the appointment and its staff. comprise a for agreeing." blame the Foreign Office for fraud since when the EU's unfamiliar help External Action Service - was set up in 2010 because of the Lisbon Treaty, the United Kingdom joined to recommendations that European Union ambassadors in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 18 April 1961".

They are now being backed by dozens of more famous acts, who said the government's "negotiating failure" threatens cultural exchange with the continent. "We are giving the final lead", said Bernier as he arrived at Brexit to update the 27 national envoys of the block.

The EU has 143 delegations, equivalent to diplomatic missions, around the world.

The end of free movement between the continent and the United Kingdom since 1er January now requires them to obtain individual visas before traveling to any European Union country, also resulting in additional costs.

Britain's Foreign Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has denied opposing free movement of musicians saying "ambitious proposals" for mobility had been offered.

The UK is continuing to negotiate with the European Union over the long-term arrangements for the delegation.

"(Joe) Biden commits to strengthening alliances and we engage in silly spats which will not help strengthen security and trade cooperation.

Without the full protection of the Vienna Convention, diplomats do not benefit from immunity from detention, criminal jurisdiction and taxation.

He mentioned granting reciprocal therapy based mostly on the Vienna Conference on Diplomatic Relations is "standard practice" between equal companions and we're "confident that we can clear this issue with our friends in London in a satisfactory manner".