Twitter says hackers 'manipulated' employees to access accounts

Kanye West and Elon Musk Twitter Hack Investigated by FBI

While Twitter hasn't confirmed how the block works, it appears to only apply to accounts that have been verified by Twitter, The Verge said.

"Kirk did have access to Twitter's most sensitive tools, which allowed him to take control of nearly any Twitter account, including those of former President Barack Obama, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Elon Musk and many other celebrities", said the report.

However, previously, the microblogging giant did say that the hackers targeted a total of 130 accounts, of which they managed to reset passwords and break into some 45.

The New York Times published an account on July 17 that was based on interviews with hackers that have stated that they were involved in the sale of a few of the hijacked desirable accounts, but they didn't participate in the attack on Twitter or the Bitcoin scam. However, it's unclear if their data, including private messages, was accessed in other ways.

According to the company, the hackers were able to manipulate Twitter employees into giving up confidential information, allowing them to access Twitter's internal systems and bypass security measures on the affected accounts.

In 2003, the most infamous Twitter hack of all time took place, when the Associated Press tweeted about explosions at the White House and sent the stock market plunging temporarily.

"Based on what we know right now, we believe approximately 130 accounts were targeted by the attackers in some way as part of the incident", Twitter said in a tweet.

One of the biggest technology news to emerge last week was the most devastating hack Twitter has ever seen in its history.

The company said that it was assessing "whether non-public data related to these accounts was compromised, and will provide updates if we determine that occurred". You send $1,000, I send back $2,000! However, they couldn't identify accounts because Twitter did not verify them.

The consequences of hacking with the involvement of employees: After the hacking incident, a Twitter spokesperson had said that preliminary investigation has revealed that the hackers met their intentions with some employees having access to the company's internal system.

Twitter acknowledged the "overwhelming majority" of customers' deepest records wasn't compromised by the hack, even though attackers had been in a situation to ogle some records, "including email addresses and cellphone numbers". "We're embarrassed, we're disappointed, and more than anything, we're sorry".

Twitter subsequently would return Tweeting functionality to many accounts and claimed to have restored access to most accounts that were locked out pending password changes for their users.