'Twilight' restricted Robert Pattinson

'Twilight' restricted Robert Pattinson

The success of the films, coupled with real-life romance with his co-star Kristen Stewart, saw him become the subject of intense scrutiny. "I had to go on holiday to an extravagant secret location this year because I was afraid of someone photographing my gut".

At the height of his fame, however, things were very different for Pattinson, with fans taking an interest in every aspect of his life. "I didn't go into a supermarket for about six years".

"They might as well just take a picture of me having a wank", he added.

Meanwhile, looking back at the beginning of his career, Robert - who is in a relationship with FKA Twigs - thinks some of the events he attended were "dumb" and "s**t".

Pattinson is the second-ever star to featured on the cover of NME, as the free magazine edition of the publication just launched last week with Rihanna. He has also appeared as a singer for the two songs on the Twilight soundtrack: "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign". "And I was hungover for most of it".

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Googling himself is not something he does often, but he admits to doing it every now and then. "It's taken me a really long time to find out what my voice is, or even if I had the right to say anything at all".

During the interview, reports Vanity Fair, Robert revealed that most of his self-doubt and struggles with his fame comes from negative remarks "from some moron sitting on a comment board".

Robert Pattinson was the biggest movie star when the "Twilight" movie series came out.

Despite the drawbacks of extreme celebrity, Pattinson told NME he's still grateful for the "adrenaline rush" of starring in the five "Twilight" films, which propelled him to worldwide stardom.