TV ghost hunters found dead after standoff

Stars The couple featured in the Travel Channel series including episodes shot at the Mustang Ranch brothel east of Reno the Goldfield Hotel and the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco

In March, Debby was arrested and charged with domestic violence after a dispute with her husband.

The fiery redhead drunkenly slashed Mark's forearm during a heated argument over their finances in their kitchen, authorities said. Between 2008 and 2011, the couple appeared in several episodes of Ghost Adventures, where they helped the shows hosts "speak" to ghosts by way of their recordings.

Mark later told police that he did not report the attack because this is "everyday behavior" by his wife, sources said.

Six weeks before their death, Mark allegedly kidnapped and strangled Debra, according to the affiliate.

The couple were recurring cast members on the long-running "Ghost Adventures", and were considered experts in "Electronic Voice Phenomenon", also known as EVPs.

Ghost Adventures stars Mark Constantino, 53, and Debby Constantino, 52, were both found dead in their daughter's apartment in Sparks, Nevada on September 22, along with a third murdered man. Now, more details are emerging about the horrific incident, and they are beyond upsetting.

Mark and Debra Constantino were found shot to death in an apartment after a standoff with police in Nevada, authorities said.

Cops initially responded to Debra's Reno residence on Escalera Court after receiving a 911 call at 6:30 an acquaintance.

Lt. William Rulla, Reno Police, revealed that they found Debby to be missing while they investigated her male roommate's death, after getting a call from a woman, according to Us Weekly.

They tracked the Constantinos' cell phones using Global Positioning System technology to an apartment in Sparks, the Sparks police department said in a statement.

Paranormal investigators Mark and Debra Constantino, who appeared on television series "Ghost Adventures", were in a police standoff in Reno, an eastern suburb of Reno. Upon arrival at the home, police heard gunshots.

They were then found dead inside the apartment.