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Trump urges Merkel to refuse from support of Nord Stream 2

German Economic Minister Peter Altmaier delivers a statement regarding the Trump Administration's steel and aluminum tariffs outside of the White House in Washington

The Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier commented on criticism of the United States of gas pipeline Nord stream-2 and promised to consider Ukraine's interests during its construction.

"That means that any pipeline project, and there are multiple pipeline projects in the world that are potentially covered, is at an elevated sanctions risk", Bloomberg cited Oudkirk as saying. "We would be delighted if the project did not take place".

The $11 billion project is planned to carry 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually 1,230 kilometers under the Baltic Sea from Russian Federation to northern Germany after it becomes operational in early 2020.

The US government is reportedly preparing to employ punitive measures against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which may soon create another route for shipping Russian natural gas to Europe. It is due to go online at the end of next year.

Note that the U.S. and the countries of Eastern Europe are opposed to the construction of the Nord stream - 2, and believe that its implementation will lead to an actual degradation of the Ukrainian gas transportation system and the strengthening of the Russian Federation in the gas market of the EU.

But he accused Washington of wanting to block the pipeline, built by Russia's state-controlled energy giant Gazprom and a consortium of European energy companies, in order to boost its own shale gas exports.

US President Donald Trump plans to promote US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports at a meeting next Thursday (6 July) in Warsaw with a dozen leaders from Central and Eastern Europe, a region heavily reliant on Russian supplies.

"Germany is not doing anything against the interests of Ukraine".

Merkel sent her economy minister, Peter Altmaier, to Moscow and Kyiv this week to try to secure a deal that would keep some gas flowing through Ukraine, which now earns up to 2 billion euros a year from transit fees.

Altmaier has said he is optimistic that a "substantial" amount of gas will flow through Ukraine in the future.