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Trump tries to overturn result as Biden nears record 80 million votes

Rudy Giuliani wearing a suit and tie Rudy Giuliani has been a prominent Trump Guy heavily involved in the events that led to President Trump’s impeachment and the legal battle to overturn Trump’s 2020 reelection loss

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Thursday that a hand audit of ballots in the state was complete and had confirmed Joe Biden as the victor of the November 3 election in the state.

Also Thursday, state officials said Michigan's largest county can not revoke its certification of election results after two Republicans who approved Biden's local landslide wanted to revert to their initial stance of refusing to bless the vote tally.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement that the audit reaffirmed that the votes had been counted accurately.

The embattled Trump campaign has stepped up efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election, making unverified claims that there was massive voters' fraud and electoral malpractice.

Georgia on Thursday night announced that Biden had won its state's 16 electoral votes, giving him a total of 306 electoral votes nationwide, and Trump 232.

"The consequences of what's happening during this lame duck period, I think, are potentially more severe than the consequences associated with a late transition process", Romney, who represents Utah, told CNN's David Axelrod on an episode of "The Axe Files" podcast released Thursday.

In fact, Mr Biden crushed Mr Trump in Wayne County, a Democratic stronghold that includes Detroit, by a more than 2-1 margin on his way to winning MI by 154,000 votes, according to unofficial results. "We are grateful to the election officials, volunteers and workers for working overtime and under unprecedented circumstances to complete this recount, as the utmost form of public service".

Trump is clinging to the long-shot hope that Republicans can overturn the results in a handful of battleground states that Biden won.

Giuliani, a former mayor of NY, brazenly accused Democrats of being "crooks" trying "to steal an election from the American people".

President Trump has refused to concede the November 3 U.S. election and has filed multiple lawsuits challenging poll results in several states.

According to CNN, Trump wants to get back at former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for saying Russian Federation helped him win, and wants revenge for the Mueller investigation.

In Detroit on Tuesday, Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refused at first to certify the results, then reversed themselves, then signed affidavits that they wanted to rescind their certification.

Still, more than two weeks after the November 3 election, the Trump administration is refusing to let Biden receive detailed briefings on national security and pandemic planning.

The secretary of state said Trump's frequent and unsubstantiated accusations that mail-in voting is ripe for fraud may have cost him the state, as Republicans refrained from using absentee ballots.

"Just off a conference call with Trump Administration vaccine distribution team", Senator Chris Murphy said on Twitter.

Here's some more info from Georgia's top election official Gabriel Sterling.

Incumbent President Donald Trump had announced in April that the U.S. would pull out from the World Health Organization due to its failure to oversee the onset of the coronavirus which originated in China previous year. Mr. Trump's lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Thursday that more lawsuits were on the way. The party's Senate majority hangs in the balance in a pair of runoff elections in Georgia in January, and some Republican strategists see an aggrieved Trump base as key to the party's success there.