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Trump thanks Ford workers for ventilators during MI trip

A member of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment also known as The Old Guard wears a face mask as he places flags in front of each

Pandemic politics shadowed President Donald Trump's trip to MI on Thursday as he highlighted lifesaving medical devices, with the president and officials from the electoral battleground state clashing over federal aid, mail-in ballots and face masks.

A new poll by the Associated Press and University of Chicago gives him a 41 percent job approval rating - a number that has been consistent throughout his presidency. "The cupboards were bare", Trump said, referring to the paucity of equipment in the Strategic National Stockpile, which the administration recently announced was being revamped and replenished.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging officials to be on alert.

He pulled out of his pocket a navy blue mask that appeared to have the presidential seal. In-person visits have also been suspended in the state, but the ban has been waved for Trump's visit. Trump acknowledged the likelihood of a second round of coronavirus while visiting a Ford plant on Thursday, saying "people say that's a very distinct possibility". The president did wear a mask while viewing historical cars out of the view of cameras, the company said. "They want to be in their church", Trump said, adding that he expected the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to put out guidance on reopening places of worship as soon as Thursday.

Trump, a Republican seeking re-election on November 3, has urged states to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions so the battered US economy can recover even as public health experts warn that premature relaxation of restrictions could lead to a second wave of infections. "A lot of people have asked me that question".

He continued, "I honestly - I think I look better in the mask, but I am making a speech, so I won't have it now". "You'll break the country if you don't".

Full Coverage: Politics Trump narrowly won MI in 2016. "But there's a reason for it, that's OK".

Trying to signal to the nation that life is returning to normal, the president had begun traveling again, with all of his initial trips to states that will be hotly contested in this November's election.

The president has been warned that the 2020 race is going to be much tougher than his surprise victory in 2016. The U.S. started its lockdown in mid-March.

Trump spoke in front of a banner proclaiming "Transition to Greatness", his new rallying cry for recovery after the layoffs, business closures, sales slumps and other economic effects of the pandemic. "So, we'll see. Where it's appropriate, I will". "We got to get our churches open".