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Trump says Mexico is an 'abuser' of the USA, amid tariff negotiations

Trump says Mexico is an 'abuser' of the USA, amid tariff negotiations

Twitter, however, has been abuzz with talk about his new look, with commenters poking fun at the U.S. leader. "We intentionally left the declaration sort of ad hoc", he said.

"That old-fashioned economic orthodoxy doesn't work when it's relatively easy to substitute other goods, " Mulvaney said, predicting a jump in US production of consumer goods to fill the gap. "They have to get dramatically better and they have to get better quickly".

"There are specific things that the Mexicans can do", he said.

Mulvaney said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lightizer and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would meet to negotiate with Mexican officials this week, seeking to get Mexico to agree to secure its own southern border with Guatemala as well as quell domestic terrorist and criminal organizations to avoid the tariffs.

"America has had enough", he tweeted.

Trump said on Thursday that he would apply the tariffs on June 10 if Mexico did not halt the flow of undocumented migration, largely from Central America, across the US-Mexican border.

Trump imposed a 25 per cent tariff on imported steel and a 10 per cent tariff on imported aluminium from many countries previous year, The New York Times reported.

But the president has been here before, issuing high-stakes threats over his frustration with the flow of migrants only to later back off.

Republicans on Capitol Hill and GOP allies in the business community have expressed serious unease with the tariffs.

That new deal is the cornerstone of Trump's legislative agenda and seen as beneficial to his re-election effort. The Trump administration said it was imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum to strengthen USA national security, but critics argue that the approach strains relationships with allies that are far more important to US defense. The president "has been known to play with fire, but not live hand grenades", Kennedy said on CBS's Face the Nation.

"The American economy is the best it's been in 50 years - due in large part to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act", the senator stated. "And if he slaps a 25 percent tariff on Mexico, it's going to tank the American economy, and I think the president knows that, and I don't think he'll do it".

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is heading the Mexican delegation, which includes Marquez. López Obrador hinted on Saturday that concessions could be forthcoming.

Trump has said the approach has left the United States in the position of subsidizing the world, weakening US industry and pushing factories and jobs overseas, and has pledged to rework USA trading relationships.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Trump said in a tweet that "companies and jobs" would return to the USA as a result of his Mexico tariffs - a remark that contradicted two top aides who had said hours earlier on cable news programmes that the move was motivated only by border security concerns.

Al Jazeera's Rosalind Jordan, reporting from Washington, said: "It's unusual and perhaps illegal for a government to impose tariffs for non-economic or trade-related reasons".