Trump Revealed His Thoughts on 'Borat 2′ & Sacha Baron Cohen Responded

General News		Trump Responds to ‘Borat’ Sequel ‘To Me He’s a Creep

President Donald Trump is one of the main topics of the new movie Borat 2 and he's sharing his thoughts on the movie's star Sacha Baron Cohen. I confess I do not find you amusing either.

According to reporter Steve Herman, Trump later said of Baron Cohen: "To me, he's a creep".

In the video, Borat claims that Bakalova infiltrated the White House under the guise of a conservative journalist working for far-right cable channel One America News.

Posted to Borat's official Twitter account (below) on the day of the film's release, the scene in question sees Tutar infiltrate a press conference held by Trump in the White House alongside right-wing media site One America News Network on September 20 this year. I know this because they take my daughter into the White House. "To me, he was a creep". "But yet the whole world laughs at you", he mocked. Donald Trump made a freaky comment about Cohen, "I don't know what happened".

Baron Cohen took to Twitter to respond to Trump's comments, saying: "Donald - I appreciate the free publicity for Borat!". She says to him, "I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm very excited to meet you".

In the explained Giuliani scene from Amazon Prime's "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm", the former NY city city City mayor appears to have his hand down his trousers while resting on a hotel-room bed after a counterfeit interview with Baron Cohen's co-star Maria Bakalova. I'm always looking for people to play racist buffoons, and you'll need a job after January 20.

Meanwhile, Mr Giuliani has insisted the Borat footage is "a complete fabrication" - and says his hand was only tucking his shirt in.

Cohen did score a brief interview with Trump in 2003 while dressed as his character Ali G. The faux-British rapper pitched a visibly annoyed Trump on the possibility of investing in gloves to protect your hands while eating ice cream.

One of the more provocative moments in the "Borat" sequel involved Giuliani, who was seen in a seemingly inappropriate position after his interview with the woman who was supposed to be playing Borat's teenage daughter.

According to Page Six, Giuliani quickly called NY police after all that went down, realizing he must have been pranked.

"If Sacha Baron Cohen implies otherwise, he is a stone-cold liar".