Trump Refuses to Promise Transfer of Power if He Loses US Vote

Trump Refuses to Promise Transfer of Power if He Loses US Vote

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a member of the House GOP leadership, tweeted: "The peaceful transfer of power is enshrined in our Constitution and fundamental to the survival of our Republic".

Trump on Wednesday had appeared to suggest that if states got "rid of" the unsolicited mailing of ballots there would be no concern about fraud or peaceful transfers of power.

"I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots", Mr Trump, a Republican, said.

The president also continued his criticism against the states where ballots are mailed automatically to registered voters. The ballots are out of control, you know it, and you know, who knows it better than anybody else? "The Democrats know it better than anybody else".

More states are encouraging mail-in voting, citing the need to keep voters safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. Numerous fact checks and studies have shown mail-in voting fraud to be a fraction of what Trump has made it out to be.

Retired four-star Coast Guard admiral Paul Zukunft told Politico on Thursday he has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 race following what he views an "insurgency" that President Donald Trump has been waging upon the constitutional rights of American citizens.

"I have to see". Look, you - I have to see.

"I think we should go very quickly. I'm not going to say no, and I didn't last time either".

"You see the Republicans are very united", Trump said. He wouldn't say whether he'd accept the results of the election, which he claimed at the time was rigged against him.

"I think this will end up in the Supreme Court", the president said. Yes, go ahead. You asked a question. Clinton called the answer "horrifying".

Trump's latest comments were widely denounced by Democrats as threatening the very nature of the nation's democracy.

"What country are we in?", he said in Wilmington, Del., after a day of campaigning.

He will announce the Supreme Court nominee on Saturday afternoon and has said he wants a full Senate vote before Election Day, which falls on November 3, a move meant to fire up his supporters.

Responding to Trump's remarks on the election on Wednesday, Biden said "Look, he says the most irrational things".

President Trump on Wednesday told reporters he would have to "see what happens" with election results before committing to a peaceful transfer of power.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, of Utah, also criticized the president's words, writing in a tweet, "Fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power; without that, there is Belarus. Any thinking wey go make one president to no respect am dey unacceptable".

Democrats are crying foul, saying that the process should wait until the results of the election are known, allowing the victor to shape the Supreme Court.

Trump plans to nominate a conservative justice on Saturday to succeed liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday, on the high court.