Trump floats potential 2024 presidential run at White House Christmas party

Trump floats potential 2024 presidential run at White House Christmas party

Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden received 33,596 more votes for President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

In many cases, it has been Republican officials who have held firm in their position that the results were not tainted by a widespread cheating scheme, despite a pressure campaign by the president unlike any in American history.

"This is exactly the kind of language that is at the base of growing threat environment for election workers who are simply doing their jobs", Raffensperger said, referring to a tweet Tuesday night in which Trump fanned the flame on false claims of voter fraud that have imperiled the lives of election workers in the Peach State.

A judge was holding a trial beginning Thursday brought by state Republican Party chair Kelli Ward alleging irregularities in signature verification on mail-in ballots. It alleged that the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed municipal clerks to alter incomplete absentee ballot envelopes, and that municipal clerks "issued thousands of absentee ballots" without collecting the mandatory written application.

A recent audit of almost 1,500 mail-in ballots in Nevada suggested that 2 percent of ballots were cast on behalf of voters who never received a ballot in the mail.

The president called on the courts to respond within 48 hours to the case, which takes exception to the broad availability of mail-in voting for the state's residents - latitude granted because of the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

"Results are really certified prematurely eventhough it is just a ministerial act".

In its challenges in Nevada and other states, the Trump campaign has questioned the outcome of districts with large populous cities with the largest number of registered Democrats - but most of the campaign's lawsuits have not yet been successful. A second appeal to the high court, that would be an appeal of a Pennsylvania federal court ruling, has not yet been filed with the Supreme Court. "Ballots, not briefs, decide elections". The court's brief order included a single line noting Roggensack, Ziegler and Bradley all dissented with the denial.

Trump floats potential 2024 presidential run at White House Christmas party

But chances are remote that the Supreme Court would become involved.

Six cases brought by Trump and Republican allies in MI have either been rejected or dropped.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Wisconsin's Democratic governor Tony Evers have said in filings with the state's Supreme Court that Mr Trump's attempt to overturn Wisconsin's election results by tossing ballots only from the state's two most heavily Democratic counties is an "assault on democracy".

Wisconsin's top court, in denying the petition, said the parties could pursue a case in a lower court.

Trump also challenged absentee ballots where voters declared themselves to be indefinitely confined.

"What we had is an abuse of the absentee process, dramatically in Dane and Milwaukee County", said Jim Troupis, attorney for the Trump Campaign.

The Trump campaign is contesting the results of the November 3 election in the state, which showed Democrat Biden winning with 50.1% percent of the vote compared to Trump's 47.7%, according to the Fox News Decision Desk.