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Trump, Biden return to campaign trail after holding competing town hall events

5 takeaways from the dueling Biden and Trump town halls

ABC News's YouTube channel showed 507,445 viewers at the end of Biden's town hall.

With only weeks left before the November 3 election, Biden's lead over the Republican president in national polls has widened following their chaotic first debate in late September and Trump's announcement earlier this month that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Jimmy Kimmel, ABC's late-night host, spent his Thursday night monologue criticizing both the President's decision, as well as the rival network, which used to be home to Trump's infamous reality show, The Apprentice.

Concha counted 43 questions from Guthrie, whom he called Trump's "sparring partner", compared to the 10 questions from the audience, "the whole reason we were having this event", he told "Fox & Friends".

The president was visibly upset at times with Guthrie and said more than once that they were "on the same side".

Pierson's tweet ignited criticism from many who felt betrayed by Ice Cube, who is known for fighting white supremacy through his music, including his 2018 track "Arrest the President", and of course, N.W.A.'s seminal "F- tha Police" protesting police brutality. "Our allies are 'go it alone.' America First has made America alone", he said. "Dems said we'll address the CWBA after the election".

The Trump administration has withdrawn the United States from a series of worldwide agreements and commitments, including a 2015 multilateral deal that exchanged sanctions relief for limits on Iran's nuclear program. He is also leading Trump in national opinion polls. Trump has cast himself as a victim of media bias for years. "We're in a situation where we have 210,000 plus people dead and what's he doing?" "You all have a good chance of winning the White House", he told Democratic colleagues at a hearing on Trump's conservative Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

"The first third of it, the first 20 minutes, was just Savannah Guthrie savaging the President", said Dietrich about the NBC coverage. I can't be in a basement.

The primetime town halls were scheduled after cancellation of a debate that had been set for the same time. Trump and Biden hold their final debate October 22, and Biden said that out of "decency" he expects both men will get coronavirus tests beforehand.

Trump repeatedly said he "didn't know" about the conspiracy theory, despite saying he "appreciates" the support its followers give him earlier this summer.