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Trump attacks Democrats in impeachment battle as second whistleblower comes to light

Trump’s actions as serious as those that brought Nixon down

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Trump had betrayed his oath of office last month and announced that she was opening a formal impeachment inquiry into the President.

He said: "The president should not have raised the Biden issue on that call, period".

"This makes Nervous Nancy every bit as guilty as Liddle" Adam Schiff for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and even Treason", the president wrote.

"I mutter which ability that they, alongside with all of these that evilly "Colluded" with them, have to all be right this moment Impeached!", Trump concluded.

Trump last week ratcheted up attacks targeting House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for exaggerating a partial transcript of the July 25 call between the president and Ukraine's leader.

House Democrats are anxious that President Donald Trump's congressional allies will leak the identity of the anonymous whistleblower behind the Ukraine complaint and are considering taking dramatic steps to protect that person, The Washington Post reported Monday.

But Portman, a Republican from Terrace Park near Cincinnati, said he doesn't see it as "an impeachable offense" and said Democrats are rushing to impeachment.

However, members of Congress can not be impeached.

There is no evidence that the former vice president or his son did anything wrong in Ukraine.

The timing of the whistleblower's contact with Democrat staff was also reportedly not revealed.

Trump has criticized Schiff for his characterization of a July phone call the president had with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskiy, which prompted Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Schiff's satiric transcript reading earned him more withering criticism from Trump - who called the move "treasonous" - as well as calls for censure from Republicans in the House.

On Sunday, Mark Zaid, the lawyer for the whistleblower, said he is representing a second whistleblower regarding Trump's actions.

Portman told reporters Monday that he did not know Trump was seeking an investigation into the Bidens until September 11, soon after House Democrats announced they were examining a connection between a requested investigation and the hold-up in distributing aid to Ukraine. The first whistleblower's attorney, Mark Zaid, confirmed the news on October 6, saying that his team was also representing the second whistleblower.

"Well obviously we would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings", Schiff said later in the call after he and the fake "Parubiy" go on to discuss more details of the bogus allegations.