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Trudeau planning nation-wide address to Canadians tomorrow night

Trudeau planning nation-wide address to Canadians tomorrow night

Trudeau's rivals dismissed his televised address as further proof the throne speech amounts to an election platform.

Michelle Rempel Garner, the Conservative MP for Calgary Nose Hill, said the speech contained nothing new, and suspending parliament cost Canadians their lives and their jobs.

Ian Lee, associate professor of management at Ottawa's Carleton University, said the speech represented a "very high-risk bet" by Trudeau. "I know we can do it, because we've already done it once before", Trudeau added.

The federal Conservative Party, along with the Bloc Quebecois, promised their intention to vote against the Liberals in a vote of no confidence.

He did say, however, the NDP are still willing to work with the government if the government is willing.

"Diversity is not just our strength, it's our competitive edge", he said.

As for an election, Ruff said he doesn't want to see Canadians going to the polls until it is safe to do so.

"There are many days to go before we get to the other side of this, but there are also many of us to get us there, so long as we each keep in mind to do our part, and I know that we will", Trudeau said.

There were big promises of a national early learning and childcare program, new national standards for long-term care and a commitment to a national universal pharmacare program.

The government will also support businesses by extending the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy until next summer, expanding the Canada Emergency Business Account, and improving the business credit availability program.

Elliot Hughes, senior advisor at Summa Strategies and former tax policy advisor to former Finance Minister Bill Morneau provides his reaction to the government's throne speech saying it is a "very ambitious" plan. He called the speech pretty words on paper and said his party has two conditions for its support: make sure that the end of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit in lieu of an expanded employment insurance program doesn't mean people actually get less money, and introduce paid sick leave.

"There will be more debt". But because EI is taxable at both the provincial and federal level, and is based on income, the payment can be significantly lower per month than the CERB is now.

The speech also acknowledged that "existing income systems" have not been created to support Canadians through the pandemic.

The third pillar will be to "build back a stronger and more resilient Canada".

The Conservatives said they would not be one of them. "That is my question". The Liberals have vowed to support provinces to increase their testing capacities and reduce wait times for tests.

"I am not surprised by it".

"Calgary has the worst unemployment rate in the country for the second month in a row and Alberta's economy is growing slower than nearly anywhere else in the country. Things must change and will change", she said. "The money needs to be targeted on COVID and to spend it on anything other than that is irresponsible which is what the Liberals are doing".

"We are seeing nothing in this speech from the throne that addresses any of the concerns that Saskatchewan has put forward", he said during a media conference.

"People are out of work because of COVID-19 and we can't turn our backs on them".

Finally, the speech said the Liberals will focus on "standing up for who we are as Canadians".

"We got the same old, exhausted promises".

"Otherwise, we will vote against it", Blanchet said in an interview.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that in some parts of the country the COVID-19 second wave has already begun, but Canadians have the power to flatten the curve again, in his evening address to the nation from his West Block office.

Trudeau said along with other social distancing measures, it's "critical" that Canadians continue to wear masks in indoor public places.

"It's all too likely we won't be gathering for Thanksgiving, but we still have a shot at Christmas", he said.