Trudeau government would allow municipalities to ban handguns under new bill

Canada introduces new gun buy-back program as firearms legislation tabled

This is meant to be incentive for people to take part in a buyback program and sell their now legally useless guns to the government.

Complete the prohibition of assault-style firearms to ensure these weapons can not be legally used, transported, sold, transferred, or bequeathed by individuals in Canada.

Many gun-control advocates have called for a national handgun ban, warning that leaving it up to municipalities would create an ineffective patchwork of regulations.

"Survivors, witnesses and families of victims reacted in anger and dismay to the Trudeau government's decision to backtrack on its promise to remove all newly "prohibited" assault weapons from circulation by proposing a "voluntary" buyback, as opposed to a mandatory program as was done in New Zealand and Australia in the aftermath of mass shootings with semi-automatic assault-style firearms", the PolySeSouvient group said.

The federal government introduced new gun control legislation today that would introduce a buy-back program for blacklisted firearms, such as the AR-15, allow municipalities to ban handguns and increase criminal penalties for gun smuggling and trafficking.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced Bill C-21 in a press conference, joined by Bill Blair, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, who had tabled the bill in the House of Commons this morning, as well as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland and others.

"What we found is that authorities did not have adequate and fulsome information about who has these weapons, what weapons are possessed out there and where they are located, it limits the effectiveness of a buyback program".

"It doesn't matter that gun owners won't be "allowed" to use them", Provost said. People who had legally bought these firearms prior to the ban were given an amnesty while the government figured out what to do next. "They lied to Canadians". "But the core of why we are doing this, the core of why Canadians want this done, is to keep our communities safe".

If the bill is passed, any owner who doesn't surrender a banned weapon will be held responsible if it is later used in a crime.

Additional measures to protect Canadians from gun violence include the creation of new offences for altering the cartridge magazine component of a firearm and depicting violence in firearms advertising, introducing tighter restrictions on imports of ammunition, and ensuring the prohibition of imports, exports, sales, and transfers of all replica firearms.

Justice Minister David Lametti said the government would also undertake a "long overdue" review of the overall classification system for firearms.

A spokesperson for London Mayor Ed Holder also said it would be premature for the mayor to weigh in on the new legislation until he's reviewed it and consulted with others.

"This is a comprehensive bill that, if enacted, will save lives", said Dr. Najma Ahmed, co-Chair of CDPG and trauma surgeon at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.