Tom Cruise is going to film a movie in space


Through the magic of film, actors have been transported to places we never thought imaginable.

With Russia now being the only country to fly humans to and from outer space under a government program, private American aerospace manufacturers SpaceX and Boeing have been working for years to acquire the ability.

Looking back at all the insane things Tom Cruise and Elon Musk have done, this will not come as a surprise, although I'm not sure how Tom's going to do his legendary run in zero gravity. And believe or not, NASA is on board.

I didn't think I would have to be writing an article like this, but Tom Cruise is making a movie with Elon Musk's space company SpaceX in a new project with NASA.

Cruise and NASA are no strangers.

Cruise recently broke his ankle filming Mission: Impossible Fallout - where in the same movie he is hanging from a helicopter.

The International Space Station (ISS) is both a space station and an artificial satellite present in low Earth orbit and fully visible with the naked eye during night time.

Representatives for Cruise are yet to comment. Some people have also speculated that Cruise has an ulterior, Scientology-themed motive.

It appears that the decision to take Cruise to space is a recruitment tactic of sorts.

At the moment, it is still not clear when Cruise will actually travel into space, exactly how he will travel to the International Space Station or what other crew members will join him.

Deadline first reported the news about Cruise's space-themed movie, which will be the first narrative feature film to be shot in outer space. And now the 57-year-old plans to take them literally to the next level by shooting a movie in Space.