TikTok to challenge Trump administration's efforts to ban app

TikTok removes 380,000 videos in U.S. for violating hate speech policy

TikTok said in a blog post: "On TikTok, what begins as a personal experience - laughing to yourself while watching videos, saving favorites to share with family, hitting record for the first time - cascades into inspiring, reverberating impact that touches hundreds of millions of lives all around the world". Yet, general manager of TikTok's business in the US Vanessa Pappas has told Bloomberg that the app will continue to operate in the country regardless of the potential ban.

TikTok has repeatedly denied being any threat to U.S. security. According to TikTok, the videos which have been removed violated its hate speech policy.

The app, owned by China's ByteDance said that it had acted on content that included race-based harassment, and on content that denied "violent tragedies" such as the Holocaust and slavery.

TikTok also has a strategy in place that makes it hard for people to find hateful content and accounts and also increases cultural awareness in its content moderation practices.

President Trump has issued executive orders giving ByteDance a deadline to stop running the app in the United States, and to divest TikTok.

The Chinese company Tencent, which owns the messaging app WeChat, was also hit with an executive order banning USA transactions.

Japan is tightening the screws on the embattled TikTok, with a top lawmaker suggesting that changing the ownership of the ByteDance-owned short video app's Japan business could help address mounting data security concerns.

Han on Thursday outlined rules and actions being taken to make it more hard to find threatening, violent, or dehumanizing content on TikTok.

TikTok is working to ensure its employees continue to get paid even if it is banned in the US, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The US leader early this month also ordered a ban on the messaging app WeChat, which is used extensively in China.

ByteDance is reportedly in talks with Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL), Microsoft Corp.

The post by Eric Han, Head of Safety, TikTok US, shared several ways TikTok has been trying to stop the spread of hate on the platform.