This "USB Killer" Can Fry Your Computer's Innards

USB Killer

According to Dark Purple, the computer destroyed in the video will be fine after its motherboard is replaced, and that it's not very likely that the hard disk of the computer was damaged.

He claims that "he will live" and a new motherboard is on the way. The examples he gives are smart phones that support USB mode, TVs, routers, modems, etc. His goal, he writes, is to test prototypes of "devices that perform only one function - the destruction of computers". What he has done is create a USB drive that has the ability to fry the internal hardware components of your computer, and this isn't by delivering a virus, but rather it delivers a negative 220-volt electrical surge inside the USB port it is plugged into, essentially damaging the internal components and causing the computer to stop working. This USB stick can be a powerful weapon to kill or damage any device with USB port. The stick emits a sharp buzzing noise, and within seconds the computer shuts off entirely.

'The device is able to incapacitate nearly any equipment equipped with USB Host interface. "When plugged into a system, the converter in the USB Killer would charge the caps up to -110V, apply that voltage to signal lines of the USB interface, and repeat the entire process until everything possible in the computer is broken down", said thn.

The main feature of USB Killer Version 2.0 is the output had been doubled to 220V (the previous version had 110V of output). When the voltage is reached, the DC/DC is switched off. It's also slightly more streamlined, making it look as innocuous as any other USB stick.

Cluley says that the attack instantly "bricks" a Lenovo laptop - rendering the device useless. "A former colleague says that it's like an atomic bomb; cool to have, but [not to] be applied".