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This Fox News 'Expert' Is Actually Fake News


For the second time in less than a week, Swedes have been confused by claims about their country's safety.

Swedes, and some Americans, have been wondering about representations of the Nordic nation in the USA since President Donald Trump invoked "what's happening last night in Sweden" while alluding to past terror attacks in Europe during a rally February 18.

A man interviewed by Bill O'Reilly of Fox News this week, who was identified in an on-screen caption as a "Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor", turns out to be entirely unknown in his native country, with no connections to either the nation's defense or security services.

"You can not have an honest, open debate about immigration in Sweden, because if you do not agree with the liberal, shall we say common agenda, than you are viewed as an outsider or not even taken seriously", he said.

Bildt linked immigration to social problems in Sweden, lamented what he described as Swedish liberal close-mindedness about the downsides of welcoming newcomers and said: "We are unable in Sweden to socially integrate these people", arguing that politicians lacked a systematic plan to do so. The problem? No one in Sweden has ever heard of him.

Sweden's Defense Ministry and its Foreign Office told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that they didn't know who Bildt was. Bildt changed his last name from Tolling to Bildt nine years after he emigrated from Sweden in 1994.

Nils Bildt told news outlets he's a US-based independent analyst and Fox News chose its description of him.

Bildt was convicted of a violent crime, assaulting a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice for threatening an official, and public intoxication in 2014. Echoing what happened after Trump's comments on Sweden, many took to Twitter to mock Fox News for its choice of "expert".

In what will now be must-see TV, Fox News said O'Reilly would address the matter on his Monday show - which you can be sure will receive far less attention than initial reports that Bildt is an impostor. "I am an independent analyst based in the United States of America", he wrote.